Intro I:
When you’re alone with just a pen that you own
You try to write anything on a sheet
Crumpled those that don’t have a little sense
‘Til you ended the life of the pen that you own

When you’re beside the window seeing the bluest sky
You try to stare deeply like it was an ocean
Blinked a lot of times cause its brightness hurts your eyes
‘Til the clouds covered them with nothing left of what was the bluest sky

Chorus I:
A pen can be refilled
The wind can blow the clouds that reigned
Life is a cycle so don’t get dizzy
Learn to be the captain of the voyage you’re sailing

Intro II:
When you’re out in the park and leaned your back on a tree
You try to meditate and feel the coolness it gives
Closed your eyes enough to fall into the darkness of the world
‘Til you woke up seeing the tree lose all it’s leaves

Chorus II:
Leaves will fall in every fall
But new leaves will sprung when spring falls
Life is a cycle so don’t get confused
Learn to be the pilot of the journey you’re aviating

You’re taught so you can be strong
You learn so that you can be stronger
You’ll teach others so they can see that you’ve become the stongest
Cause in life, to endure is what you have to do

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