Intro I:
We were complete strangers but that was before
You befriended me and we turned out fine
Sparks light everytime I look into your eyes
The feeling wins my heart of you to become mine

Refrain I:
We look good together
That’s what I think and that’s what they say
We have a different kind of bond
You are glued to me and I’m stuck on you everyday

But maybe when odds don’t allow
You can never be my lover
Baby when odds don’t allow
I guess we’ll only be best of friends forever

Intro II:
We untied the knot, that was when you’re with another
It caused a pause to the story of us
But the sparks grew brighter, every thought of you crosses my mind
And then you woke me up, you said you’re coming back

Refrain II:
Now you are finally back
We became closer and I became your greatest listener
You granted me a gift before
But it was not your heart and now you’re enchanted with another

(Repeat Chorus)

I never told you about the feelings I have for you
Kept pushing your love to another while I push my heart to fall and break into two
“I was ready to offer you my heart”, that’s what you said but didn’t make it to happen
Maybe the odds won’t really allow, I’d rather wish the happiness you deserve

(Repeat Chorus)

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