My day started with a glimpse of you
Your face glinted with the rays of the sun
My friend, I know you are not fine
Your feelings just won’t sync with this day

I know it doesn’t have to be like this
What once we were is now the opposite
I now dance with my left leg and you on your right
To that different music and to another’s face

That was a mistake, I know it was stupid
Just how this life works, to the high-lows we proceed

Grab the heart that’s not yet tied to another
Or the heart that you’ve not let go in the past
We can have the heart that’s not yet loved
But not the heart that we have scarred

Bridges of hearts take time to build
But cutting them down is a jiffy
But it’s a lot when re-building a bridge that once stood tall
Scarred hearts don’t easily shut, they need more time mending

Until when..
Don’t have to wait.
Until then..
Everything’s gone late.

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