Intro I:
A man walked his way through the street
A kid was on the corner seat
The man is not blind but why he ignored the kid?
The world’s getting blurred

A teenage boy turned to look at his right
An old lady pushing her stucked cart
The boy is near yet doesn’t lend a hand
The world’s getting blurred

If only a song can tell the truth behind the world’s lies
Songs of rejoice, of sorrows and of cries

Will you stand to see the world clearly?
Before it gets blurred
Most of the hands were drawn dirty
That’s happening to her
Dare to take a stand, dare to touch a dirty hand
Before the world gets blurred

Intro II:
A politician spoke to everyone about his plan
We are down to believe this kind of man
He’s on his position yet nothing’s been done
This is how the world’s getting blurred

Human’s are humans, we’re meant to do the good and bad
Bad for doing not good, and good for not doing bad

(Repeat Chorus)

When the world gets blurred, we must remain clear
Until everyone deserves no pain, no tear
Blurs can be wiped like tears in our eyes
But by only those who are willing to hear our wailing cries

(Repeat Chorus)

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