Intro I:
You are born to make a good fight
Let them know you lift everything light
Let ’em who bring you down outta sight
Let your heartbeat tell them what is right

Cause when you’ve got the passion
You are strong
Don’t care of ’em telling
you’re wrong
Make your own dream and be proud
Shout it to the world real loud

I’ve got the dream
No one can steal it from me
I’ve got the dream
They can never stop me
Cause when I’ve got the passion
I’m strong
I don’t care if you tell me
that I’m wrong
I make my own dream and I am proud
I’ll shout it to the world real loud like

Heeeee~yah Heeeee~yah (falsetto)

Intro II:
I rule my own world, we rule where we all live
Being as one, we can be great and that’s what I believe
Endure till there’s no one else wants to leave
Splash this world colors of life so we can live

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus)

Heeeee~yah Heeeee~yah (falsetto)

Heeeee~yah Heeeee~yah (falsetto)



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