You made me feel like I don’t really exist
You must have been blind
Insensitive and cold-hearted
I wonder how you have lived for long
But I don’t really mean those words
Cause you’re the only thing that means to me

Keep on ignoring me
I won’t make you notice me
Keep on skipping my letters
I’ll just keep on sending one
Be with your friends every time
I can just befriend them
Cause I’m not giving up
I know that this battle’s worth the fight

Refrain I:
Say what you want to say
I’ll just think of ’em as your I love yous anyway

But it’s hard cause…
(Repeat Chorus)

Refrain II:
Keep on telling me your lies
I know where the true side of the dice

But it’s getting harder cause
(Repeat Chorus)

The one thing that means to me

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