Seeing you standing there makes me wonder,
Why you seem so cold and don’t even bother,
The times when you and I were together,
That now you treat me like a stranger.

Whenever I remember those days have passed,
I still want them happen and wish they didn’t last,
But now I face the reality that you’re gone forever,
I should’ve pleased you before that you’ll leave me never.

All these times this hurt still haunts my soul,
Knowing that she was with someone, I’m buried in a hole,
“Would you please answer me why we ended like this?”
Or should I shut my mouth zipped and keep this words that you shouldn’t miss.

You know, deep inside me that I still care,
Remembering the thoughts of you that I can’t bear,
But … ok, you’re now on your own with nothing to doubt about me,
But , please remember me even if you already forgotten all of me.

(Just to hint a light about this lyrics, this was created last February 20, 2011 and I really did forget about this. Thanks to Facebook’s On This Day feature for bringing this back. And I find this lyrics awesome, I hope you do too!)

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