Love Is Not Meant For Us

I’ll get used to this silence
I’ll get used to this cold
I’ll never get tired from wiping away these tears whenever I think about you

I’ll get used to this hurt
I’ll get used to this lie
That we can never be together and that we’re just left with sighs

Refrain I:
Who are they to judge
Who are they to think that we’re just being the lonely fools
We’ll just cover our ears and say

We won’t be listening to them
That love is not meant for us
Let’s just keep on ignoring them
Till they shut their very mouths
As long as we close our eyes from this world
Unfair, unjust, and always at war
We’re only left with wishing to that faded star
Still hoping for a hint of that slightest light
A future of us that is so bright
Can we be?

Refrain II:
Who am I to hope for this
Who are we to think that we’re gonna make it someday
We’ll just keep on believing and say
(Repeat Chorus)

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