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Undo Them All

Intro I:
Regrets , I get them everyday
Doing the same mistakes all over again
Tried not to do them , tried not to say them
Thought it would be easy but it’s not like that

Wishing I’d get numb
eyes covered by hand
Escape from all of these
by saying this

Undo them all
If I’d be given the chance to do so
Undo them all
Leave what keeps me from being small and grow
Undo them all
Win back the things I’ve let go
Undo them all
Help me undo them all

Intro II:
Pain , I feel it everynight
Trying to hide the scars but I still can’t
Covered them with smiles , covered them with tears
Thought it would be enough but it’s not like that

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)

I know why all of these had to happen
Wondering we haven’t seen them coming
I’d take the blame , nothing for you to apologize
All that’s left to do is this

(Repeat Chorus)

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